Award Categories

Share your inspirational story and make an entry into one or more of the categories:

1. Outstanding delivery in child & maternal health
Building foundations for our children

This category recognises programs which help generational change by providing the best possible start to life. Health services and programs which provide accessible and culturally appropriate models of care for children and their families are invited to make an entry, along with educational and health promotion services which provide awareness and assistance for pregnant women on prenatal care and maternal health.

2. Environmental health initiatives
Improving living conditions and quality of life

Environmental health is about creating and maintaining environments which promote good public health.Environmental health is defined as those aspects of human health determined by physical, chemical, biological and social factors in the environment.These are the factors which can lead to poor social determinants, providing an unstable foundation and contributing to the gap in health disadvantage. Programs and services which improve housing, water supply, nutrition, and support safe communities are invited to make a submission.

3. Improving access to primary health care
Culturally appropriate and accessible care in the community

Services that are centred around the needs of the community and provide accessible and appropriate models of care, are important to improve primary health care. Programs that have engaged with the community, used community resources and delivered a primary health care service which has improved the health outcomes in the community, are invited to share their story.